Aatru Medical, LLC Completes Acquisition of Key Supplier Exothermix


CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aatru Medical is pleased to announce the acquisition of Exothermix, the inventor and supplier of the unique mode-of-action component in the NPSIMSTM incisional management negative pressure system.

Caribbean News Global Aatru-replacement-logo4589301cAatru_logo_cropped-(002) Aatru Medical, LLC Completes Acquisition of Key Supplier Exothermix

Exothermix is an innovation company with patented technology and manufacturing of simple, fast, and safe oxygen scavengers with various uses including on-demand self-heating solutions that serve the medical, military, beauty, and personal care markets with these customized products.

Daniel Hancock, who will remain as President of Exothermix stated, “We are very pleased to join the Aatru family. The resulting synergies allow us to not only continue to be a key component supplier to Aatru Medical, but this also allows us to continue to develop and to manufacturer industry-changing products for our existing and future customers.”

The full Exothermix management and staff will remain in place in the College Station, TX facility and continue to service existing customers.

Aatru Medical President Edward Armstrong noted, “The acquisition brings together two innovative technologies and business cultures, which provides a stronger platform for future growth, through accelerated product development and the seamless integration of our supply chain.”

Aatru Medical, LLC is a privately-owned medical device company located in Cleveland, OH. The company’s recently FDA-cleared NPSIMSTM is a pre-assembled, single use solid-state negative pressure system for surgical incision management.


Tom Lash, COO, Aatru Medical, LLC


Daniel Hancock, President, Exothermix, LLC