ABS, the Royal Canadian Navy – DRDC launch digital asset framework pilot

Her Majesty?s Canadian Ship SASKATOON sails in the Eastern Pacific on March 3, 2017 during the North American Security Initiative Pacific Exercise 2017, a multi-day international exercise designed to assist Canada, the United States and Mexico to work together to stop trafficking. Photo: United States Coast Guard XC051-2017-0001-071 ~ Le Navire canadien de Sa Majesté SASKATOON navigue dans l?Est de l?océan Pacifique, le 3 mars 2017, dans le cadre de l?édition 2017 de l?Initiative nord américaine de sécurité maritime dans le Pacifique, un exercice international d?une durée de plusieurs jours conçu pour aider le Canada, les États Unis et le Mexique à travailler en collaboration afin d?enrayer la contrebande. Photo : Garde côtière des États Unis XC051-2017-0001-071

OTTAWA, Canada – ABS announced it is engaged in a pilot program with the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) to deliver the ABS Digital Asset Framework for the RCN’s Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels.

The ABS Digital Asset Framework forms the foundation of a broader Conditioned-Based Class program that transforms ship classification from a calendar-based schedule to a condition-based model.

The project, which will start with HMCS Saskatoon, will support the RCN’s larger Digital Navy Initiative.

“ABS is a leader in delivering condition-based maintenance data services in maritime and offshore applications, and we are proud that the RCN have chosen to work with us on this landmark project,” said Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS chairman, president, and chief executive officer. “Through our digital programs for commercial and government clients, we are seeing first-hand the power of these technologies to drive improved asset performance and operational safety.”

In the pilot program, a network of data models will be generated from a suite of ABS digital solutions which include advanced condition analysis tools. This network of data models will support the execution of an integrity management program developed specifically for the RCN.

The multi-year pilot program will enable the RCN to monitor the condition of the vessel throughout its remaining service life using digital twin technology and advanced ABS analytics to identify anomalies, guiding inspection and maintenance planning.

ABS digital solutions that will be applied during this pilot program include:

  • A vessel-specific structural sensor plan designed for measurement of global hull response;
  • Hull sensor pre-processing and data quality checks;
  • Hull and operational data dashboard visualizations;
  • Full structural digital twin creation and analytics;
  • RAM Analysis.

Together, the digital solutions offer greater access to vessel-wide intelligence providing a more holistic view of structural health and the condition of on-board equipment. This allows the RCN to plan future maintenance actions based on the actual condition of the vessel.


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