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New non-profit formed to give patients a voice in national surprise medical bill debate

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WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ESMB–As the debate over surprise medical bills intensifies, Action for Health announced today its formation. The organization will be addressing new legislative proposals in Congress to solve surprise medical bills that are attempting to fix the price for a doctor’s treatment. These types of price controls would be devastating to patients nationwide. They would restrict access to care, raise insurance premiums, and leave patients in jeopardy when they need treatment most.

Announcing the launch, the organization’s members stated, “For far too long, the surprise medical bill debate has been dominated by insurance companies, hospitals, and doctors. The voice of the patient – the most important stakeholder in this process – has been largely left out. We’re working to fill that void. Unfortunately, some lawmakers in Washington want to solve this issue by setting healthcare prices at a median, in-network rate. We don’t need this type of socialized healthcare to eliminate surprise medical bills. Thankfully, there’s a better path forward for all of us. And that means coming up with a market-based, fair, and patient-centric solution.”

Action for Health’s work to eliminate surprise medical bills will be guided by the following six principles:

  • Implementing a real independent dispute resolution (IDR) process;
  • Mirroring New York State’s surprise medical bill law, which patients, doctors, and health insurance companies agree works;
  • Leveling the playing field by treating patients, doctors, and insurance companies equally;
  • Embracing cost savings to patients;
  • Avoiding current pitfalls like those in California, where the state’s surprise medical bill law has had terrible consequences for patients and their doctors; and
  • Rejecting price controls, which will lead to a shortage of doctors and limit access to care for the most vulnerable communities.

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Action for Health Inc., a 501(c)4 non-profit organization, is a diverse group of patient and consumer advocates dedicated to eliminating surprise medical bills the right way. Representing millions of patients, the organization educates policymakers, the media, and concerned citizens about solutions to address this critical healthcare issue.

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