Ampace P600 with a Jumper Cable can effectively start a car


HONG KONG – Breaking down or being stuck somewhere with a dead battery is never fun. While it’s true that some car batteries can last for years there are some that lose their power easier than others, and they always seem to die at the most inconvenient times.

In the US alone, about 100 million auto batteries are replaced each year.

Some of the most common reasons for a car battery to die include loose or corroded battery connections, persistent electrical drains, charging problems, constantly demanding more power than the alternator can provide, and in some cases extreme weather.

Ampace has a jumper cable with an intelligent booster that helps to start a car instantly, instead of wasting 20 minutes to recharge a car battery like most jump starter cables, with time being of the essence in this fast-paced world, nobody wants to lose their time over something so mundane.

The Ampace P600 with a jumper cable can effectively start a car in less than a second and get things moving.

It’s reasonable for many people to assume that it’s possible to have a portable jump starter that can restart a battery without needing a second car, but most portable jump starters only serve the singular purpose of jump-starting a car. However, with the Ampace P600, the car jump starter is just one of many awesome features that this portable powerhouse possesses.

Ampace has managed to include a lightning-fast car jump starter with a portable power supply station that can be taken anywhere, which can withstand both hot and cold temperatures. It’s easy to see why the Ampace P600 is leaps and bounds in front of other power supply stations and it’s bringing huge amounts of interest from avid travellers and bold adventurers across various states within America.


Ampace has over 20 years experience in the energy storage industry and is committed to building the world’s leading power stations for new-era living, van dwellers, storage systems, high-profile explorers and off-grid life.

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