Antigua – Barbuda achieving herd immunity within the Secondary Schools


ST JOHN’S, Antigua – The following is a statement from the office of the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda:

“The Cabinet agreed that achieving herd immunity within the Secondary Schools is a lawful objective intended to keep all Students, Teachers and Staff safe.

“Any secondary school student who has failed to receive the Covid-19 vaccine by this date shall not enter onto the premises of their Schools on Thursday, November 11 2021, until vaccinated.

“The Cabinet further examined the Education Act and the recent Covid Regulations. The law requires that parents prepare their children to attend schools.

“Getting their sons and daughters who are 12 years and older vaccinated, and eligible to attend secondary schools, is the responsibility of parents.  If the children are not prepared, they shall not be allowed on the premises of the schools effective Thursday 11 November, 2021.”  

Antigua – Barbuda releases new policy on COVID-19


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