Argentina donates COVID-19 vaccines to OECS

Argentine Foreign Minister, Santiago Cafiero

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – On Wednesday, December 1, the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) will receive 42,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines donated by the government of Argentina.

Caribbean News Global vaccines_-cargo Argentina donates COVID-19 vaccines to OECS
Foreign Minister Cafiero with vaccines cargo at Airport.

Argentine foreign minister Santiago Cafiero, said: “This collaboration is just a token of the historical friendship and positive relations between the Argentine Republic and the Caribbean region. We share the same democratic values, and my government truly appreciates the support we permanently receive from our partners”.

Caribbean News Global pandiani_jules Argentina donates COVID-19 vaccines to OECS
Argentina Ambassador Gustavo Pandiani and OECS DG Didacus Jules

Argentina and the OECS signed a Bilateral Cooperation Agreement in 2013 and, since then, numerous technical cooperation projects in agriculture, public health and environment have been implemented in St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda and other member countries.

Argentine MFA director of Caribbean Affairs and former ambassador to the OECS, Gustavo M. Pandiani, informed the press that, within this first vaccine donation, “Saint Lucia will receive 18,000 doses, Dominica 2,000, Grenada 11,000 and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 11,000”.

Ambassador Pandiani added: “We want to recognised the coordination efforts made by OECS director-general Didacus Jules and director Carlene Radix”.


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