Belize show appreciation to Cuban medical brigade


By Caribbean News Global contributor

BELIZE, Belmopan – The international contingent of Cuban health professionals, who worked alongside Belize’s public health officials over the past ten months, have complete their tour of duty. A new group of 29 medical professionals from Cuba is expected to arrive in Belize on Thursday, January 21.

“The ministry of health and wellness held a small farewell ceremony to show its appreciation to the Henry Reeve Brigade,” the ministry of health and Wellness said. “Members of the departing medical group arrived in Belize on March 25, 2020, as a part of an offer by the government of the Republic of Cuba to provide support to several countries in their response efforts to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in Belize, the Cuban government has assisted Belize with 59 health professionals who were stationed at various health facilities across the country to help with the management of the pandemic.”

The minister of health and wellness, Michel Chebat, expressed Belize’s gratitude and appreciation for all the work and support given by the members of the Henry Reeve Brigade. He also thanked the Cuban government for this cooperation offer especially at a time when Belize along with many other small countries were faced with unprecedented challenges that came with a new disease that continues to evolve, and one, nations continue to learn about daily.

Present to bid the group farewell and to provide parting remarks were ambassador Amalia Mai, chief executive officer in the ministry of foreign affairs and foreign trade; Dr Deysi Mendez, chief executive officer in the ministry of health and wellness; and H.E. Lissette B. Pérez Pérez, ambassador of Cuba to Belize.

The ministry of health and wellness said it is grateful for the 31 years of medical collaboration between the governments of Belize and Cuba.

“Belize has benefitted from training and capacity building of its human resources, as well as programs to promote health education within the communities,” the government press office said in a statement.


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