Belize: Speaker of the House concludes visit to Taiwan


By Government Press Office | BELIZE

BELIZE / TAIWAN – The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Valerie Woods, has completed the official visit to the Republic of China (Taiwan). The Speaker and deputy clerk of parliament, Clarita Pech, were guests of the government of Taiwan to attend the country’s first Open Parliament forum which concluded December 3.

During the visit, Speaker Woods, ambassador Candice Pitts and the deputy clerk met with president Tsai Ing-wen, foreign minister Joseph Wu and the president of the Legislative Yuan, You Si-kun.

The forum followed Taiwan’s earlier launch of its Open Parliament Action plan 2021-2024. It was held as an opportunity for parliamentarians to share experiences, challenges, and recommendations for enhancing legislative openness and public engagement.

Caribbean News Global woods_wu Belize: Speaker of the House concludes visit to Taiwan
Speaker of the House of Representatives, Valerie Woods and Foreign Minister Joseph Wu

Valerie Woods delivered the forum’s keynote address. In her remarks, Woods stated: “This bringing together of democratic allies, governments, parliaments, and civil society organizations to exchange views on how to enhance openness, its challenges, and its practical applications for the people we serve is another example of Taiwan’s global leadership in its unflagging pursuit of democracy”.

Speaker Woods acknowledged the initial basic steps Belize has made from both the previous and current parliaments in improving transparency and oversight but noted that a significant effort and thrust with bi-partisan support is needed moving forward to embrace the ethos of open parliament for the modem era.

Caribbean News Global open_taiwan_par2021 Belize: Speaker of the House concludes visit to Taiwan

Speaker Woods commented that Taiwan’s action plan on Open Parliament will prove helpful with the signing of a joint statement by parliamentary representatives in attendance reaffirming their support of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and a commitment to working together on continued cooperation and enhancing legislative openness.

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