Blow to democracy reported


El Salvador, (CentralAmericaData) – After the dismissal of the magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber and the attorney general in El Salvador, the business sector affirms that these are “facts that consolidate an attack against democracy and threaten the liberties of Salvadorans”.

In the elections held last February 28, Nuevas Ideas, a party led by president Nayib Bukele, achieved a resounding victory that allows it to have a qualified majority in the legislative assembly.

Since the results were known, several analysts agreed that the Salvadoran president accumulated enough power in the legislative body, a situation that would be dangerous for the stability of the country.

In the first session of the new Assembly held last May 1, the legislators decided to dismiss the five magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber and the attorney general Raul Melara with whom the executive had disagreements.

After learning of these facts, the National Association of Private Enterprise (ANEP) condemned “… the attack against democracy that has been carried out by promoting the dismissal of the magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber.

The statement points out that the fractions of the Legislative Assembly that have supported the dismissal of the Magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber have expressed that the reason for their decision is the disagreement with a series of sentences of the Constitutional Chamber unfavorable to the executive branch.

Another document issued on May 1 states that “… they condemn the dismissal of the attorney general of the Republic, Raul Melara, only minutes after a self-coup against the judiciary was consummated. Both facts consolidate an attack against democracy and threaten the liberties of Salvadorans. Unequivocally, both decisions are (plain and simple) attempts to dismantle the institutions and consolidate the concentration of power.

After the dismissals, the authorities elected Rodolfo Antonio Delgado Montes as the new attorney general of the Republic. In the case of the Constitutional Chamber, the new magistrates elected and sworn in are Oscar Lopez Jerez, Elsy Duenas Lovos, Jose Angel Perez Chacon, Luis Javier Suarez Magana and Hector Nahun Martinez Garcia.


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