Callum James at Rastafari Cultural Center


CASTRIES, St Lucia – The Poet performed his poems “Freedom” and “Wood Chips” at the Grand Opening of the UBUNTU RASTAFARI CULTURAL CENTER, located at 37 Jeremie Street Castries, Saint Lucia.

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Caribbean News Global the-poet Callum James at Rastafari Cultural Center His poems speak to unity, togetherness, the delicate scars of the past. This is coupled with vivid descriptions of the present and aims to achieve, “Freedom” by examining our hectic past and making the essential alterations.

Dr Ras Wayne himself calls The Poet “the sage on the stage” as he witnessed him tactically bring forth his poetry to elevate the conscious reality of his community.

The Rastafari Cultural Center welcomes the public and all who are willing to read enigmatic books from legendary writers who stood for “Justice and Healing”.

Not to mention, they can wine and dine to scrumptious Ital foods in the local Rastafarian restaurant, attached to the building.

Here’s a little snippet of The Poet’s performance


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