Canada – US joint action plan on critical minerals collaboration


OTTAWA, Canada – Canada and the US signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) confirming Canada’s participation in the Energy Resource Governance Initiative (ERGI). Led by the US Department of State, the ERGI promotes sound mining sector governance and secure and resilient supply chains for critical minerals. The ERGI complements the government of Canada’s longstanding efforts to promote responsible natural resources development with a focus on supporting economic growth and environmental performance.

Canada and the United States share a mutual interest in improving supply chains for critical minerals. Collaboration in this area is imperative as demand for these minerals increases.

“Canada is in a unique position to strengthen global supply chains for critical minerals. We are proud to partner with the United States through the Energy Resource Governance Initiative, to advance responsible development of critical minerals, advance the creation of good jobs, and ensure mineral security.” – Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s minister of natural resources.

The signing of this MoU builds on the June 2019 commitment by the prime minister of Canada and the president of the United States to advance the discussion on a Canada – US Joint Action Plan on Critical Minerals Collaboration. Cooperation in this area cements the two countries’ mutual interest in securing supply chains for the critical minerals needed to support important manufacturing sectors, including aerospace and defense, and clean technology.




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