Capresso’s Iced Tea Select

Capresso Iced Tea Select

MONTVALE, USA – According to the Tea Association of the USA, approximately 160 million people in the US drink tea on a daily basis, and up to 85 percent is served cold.  With iced tea now trending as a year-round beverage of choice, Capresso presents the new Iced Tea Select, which brews delicious iced tea, easily and quickly, at the touch of a button.

The Iced Tea Select is designed to transform loose tea leaves or tea bags into a refreshing and flavorful beverage in minutes, while making it easy to customize tea type and strength. It can expertly brew black, white, green or herbal tea flavors – or even iced coffee for a change of pace.

Easy to use, the Iced Tea Select takes little time and minimal effort. Simply add loose leaf tea or bags to the reusable filter basket, fill the non-removable water reservoir, and then add ice to the carafe. The handy dial allows the user to customize tea strength, from mild to strong. Then press the illuminated on/off button, and in just minutes, a refreshing carafe of flavorful iced tea will be ready to enjoy.

Auto shut off provides added convenience. The machine is equipped with a removable, larger permanent filter to expand brewing options.

The Iced Tea Select has a matte white exterior and a glass carafe – a simple, yet sophisticated design that is a beautiful addition to the tea lover’s kitchen counter, bar or buffet. This is a versatile machine to brew your favorite teas, from delicious fruity peach or blackberry passion teas, to classics ranging from Earl Grey to Mediterranean Mint, with or without sweeteners according to taste. The flavor options are endless, and there is no worry about added preservatives or additives.

A leader in home beverage brewing, Capresso enhances the iced tea experience with recipe ideas on its blog, including Cherry Iced Tea Spheres with Prosecco, Green Plum Iced Tea, Watermelon Lime Iced Tea, Iced Tea Spritzer and more.


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