Central America commercial sector attracts $160 million in construction


SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, (CentralAmericaData) – During 2020, 92 environmental impact studies were submitted for the construction of commercial buildings in Central American countries, and most of the estimated investment was focused on Costa Rica and El Salvador.

The interactive platform “Construction in Central America“, by CentralAmericaData‘s Business Intelligence Unit, provides an updated list of public and private construction projects that have submitted environmental impact studies (EIA) to the respective institutions in each country.

Costa Rica is the country in the region with the largest investment last year, with approximately $70 million in construction projects for commercial buildings, corresponding to 43 EIAs.

It was followed by El Salvador, where five EIAs were submitted, totaling an investment of approximately $35 million. Among the projects was the construction of a supermarket.

In Panama, 35 studies were submitted for work on different types of commercial projects with a total investment of approximately $34 million, most of the files submitted were for the construction of new commercial premises.

In the case of Guatemala, nine projects were submitted, totaling $20 million in estimated investment.

CentralAmericaData has information on construction projects planned in all Central American countries, with details such as estimated investment, project timing and phases, supplies and equipment required during and after construction, water treatment, parking structure, among others.


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