Chilean friends of Cuba open letter to US government 


By Peter Lansiquot

CHILE/CUBA – Chilean organizations in solidarity with Cuba delivered a letter addressed to the US government, via the embassy of that northern country. The letter, which was accepted by US diplomatic personnel, was taken to the embassy by leaders representing the various Chilean organizations, namely Juan Cuevas Cerda, Carlos González, Juan Carlos Guerrero, Oscar Briones and Esteban Ramírez.

Open Letter to the United States Government:

Mr President, the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba in Chile, which represents a series of political, social, labour and civil society organizations, has come to deliver this petition, where we request the following from the government of the United States:

The US government, in its desire to effect the collapse of the economy of Cuba (which latter achieved its political independence from the US government more than 60 years ago through a heroic revolution) has maintained an economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba. It is an unmatched action in American history.

This blockade, which represents a crime against humanity, has been unrelenting and, what is more, it has deepened over the years by prohibiting other members of international organizations from engaging in commercial relations with Cuba.

This blockade means that the island of Cuba has to redouble its efforts to obtain its food, its health supplies, its technology supplies, in addition to tremendous effort and sacrifice to stop the advance of the COVID 19 pandemic, which is currently ravaging humanity.

We, the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba in Chile, demand that you, and through you, that your government end this criminal and extremely lengthy siege, and that your government respect the sovereignty of a people whose only sin has been to frontally repudiate imperialism and its inhuman policies.

We also ask for respect for the principle of self-determination of the peoples, and the end of this economic, commercial and financial blockade.

We petition on behalf of the Chilean Movement of Solidarity With Cuba:

Cultural and Solidarity Group with Cuba, Palmas & Cañas de Coyhaique

Association of Parents of Professionals Graduated in Cuba

House of Chilean-Cuban Friendship José Martí de Valparaíso

Camilo Cienfuegos de Maipú Association

Casa del Alba Association

Chilean Group of the World Trade Union Federation (F.S.M)

Cuban Solidarity Association “2nd December”

Cuban Solidarity Association “Siboney”

Friends of Cuba Association “Celia Sánchez Manduley de Talca”

FPMR Men and Women Fighters Association

Popular Front for Solidarity with Cuba

La Marina People’s Assembly Committee for Cuban Solidarity

Camilo de Yaguajay de Talía Committee for Cuban Solidarity

San Fernando Committee for Cuban Solidarity

Eliana Araníbar Committee for Cuban Solidarity

Ernesto Che Guevara Committee for Cuban Solidarity

Chile-Cuba Cultural Institute José Martí.

 – This article originally published in Spanish was translated by Peter Lansiquot, first vice president of the Saint Lucia – Cuba Humanistic Solidarity Association (HSA). 


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