China is a strategic threat


Dear Sir

The Chinese spy balloon downed off our East Coast brings into focus the strategic threat of Communist China to our national security.

China’s economy is comparable to ours, and its military exceeds our military forces in the Western Pacific, including our Navy. Its long-range missiles can reach our Pacific bases and the western US.

China claims sovereignty over the South China Sea, which is an international water body; and it threatens Taiwan with military manoeuvres. China wants to annex Taiwan by any means possible.

The US is addressing the China threat by forging expanded military alliances within the Indo-Pacific region. The US signed a defense agreement with Japan for increased US military presence, and Japan agreed to develop offensive military capabilities and double its military spending by 2027.

Japan and the Philippines signed a defense arrangement for joint training exercises and military cooperation. The US added military capabilities at four bases in the Philippines, increasing access to nine bases. The US has a strong military presence in South Korea, and South Korea, India and Australia are significantly increasing their military spending.

Our allies; Japan, Australia, India, Philippines, South Korea and Taiwan must continue to increase their military deterrence capabilities in the Indo-Pacific region.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry NH    


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