China’s military expansion

Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning (16) refuels underway during a December 2021 deployment. PLAN Photo

Dear Sir

Communist China is a potential adversary who poses economic and military threats to the United States and countries in Southeast Asia. China is upgrading its Air Force and missile systems and is significantly expanding its Navy, which includes aircraft carriers. These offensive forces are designed to project Chinese military power in the world, and especially in Southeast Asia.

China is occupying islands in the South China Sea with military installations and is claiming sovereignty of the South China Sea, which is a major maritime route for trade. The US and other countries have to keep the sea lanes open for unhindered transit of goods, and this could lead to military confrontations. A naval blockade of the Chinese occupied islands by the US and Southeast Asia countries might have to be considered if China impedes maritime trade routes.

Japan is a significant force in Asia and a competitor of China. Since 1945, Japan has limited its military capabilities by adhering to a policy of developing only defensive military forces. It might be time for the US to encourage Japan to somewhat expand its military forces as a counterweight to China.

We should also encourage India and Australia to build up their military forces.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry NH


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