COVID-19 exposure tracking tool available for free


STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Starting now, any company, organization, or authority can get free access to the Safeture software platform to have their employees’ travel matched with those hot spot locations most impacted by COVID-19.

Safeture said it is offering its employee safety software to any company looking to track the potential exposure of their workers to the coronavirus (COVID-19) now impacting countries around the world. Identifying which employees have been in high-risk areas is critical to effectively containing the spread of the sickness.

Safeture can import trip data from travel agencies plus get real-time location data from mobile phones to be analyzed against with real-time updates of the virus’s location. This is especially important for large international companies, which carry an extra high exposure risk. All employees will get access to Safeture’s app to get real-time alerts and notifications.

“Right now we are at a critical stage for the coronavirus, and it is crucial companies identify employees who have been in high-risk areas so they can contain the infection and prevent it from spreading into the organization,” said Magnus Hultman, chief executive officer of Safeture.

Safeture Corona Exposure tracker is already used by several customers and partners.

“Falck Global Assistance works with customers from all over the world, assisting travelers with medical and security advice. The “Corona exposure tracker” is a valuable tool for our assistance services. The tool provides us with a clear overview of all current travel activities. It helps us to fulfill our Duty of Care obligations towards our own employees as well as our traveling customers” says Thorir Aronson sales manager at Falck Global Assistance.”

The software will be available for free for 40 days, which is the most critical time to act to limit the spread of the virus. Potential external costs related to importing travel bookings and accessing company travel data are not included.


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