‘Democracy Summit’ reiterates Taiwan’s firm commitment to democracy

President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen (L) and US President Joe Biden

By Caribbean News Global Caribbean News Global fav ‘Democracy Summit’ reiterates Taiwan’s firm commitment to democracy

USA / Taiwan – The Democracy Summit December 9 -10 convened by US president Joe Biden, and US invitation to Taiwan represents “Taiwan’s success in democracy, emphasizing that Taiwan has always stood firm in the world against authoritarianism at the forefront, we are more willing to play a leading role in the promotion of global freedom, democracy and human rights,” said the ministry of Foreign Affair (MOFA).

MOFA noted that on the first day of the “Democracy Summit” held in the United States, China used the opportunity to induce Nicaragua to sever diplomatic relations with Taiwan. The Chinese side acted badly in an attempt to isolate Taiwan and blatantly provoked the democratic world.

“Taiwan is not alone in the democratic camp. Not only did the US State Department issue a press statement in support but also emphasized that the relationship between Taiwan and its allies in the Western Hemisphere brings significant economic and security benefits to the people of that country. The US encourages countries to expand their cooperation with Taiwan’s exchanges; global democratic partners have also seen more clearly the true evil of the Chinese government’s enemy to the democratic world,” said MOFA in a press statement.

“Taiwan’s democratic performance is outstanding. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s “Strengthening Democratic Resilience” session on the first day of the “Democracy Summit” publicly affirmed that Taiwan, the United States and many other countries together support the “Global Anti-Corruption Group” (Global Anti-Corruption Group), Corruption Consortium, GACC).

“Fighting corruption is one of the three themes of this summit. In response to the call of the United States, Taiwan donated US$400,000 to support the work of GACC, and works with the international community to fight against corruption and contribute to good governance around the world.”

“Taiwan has always promised that it will stand at the forefront of the global fight against authoritarianism”, MOFA declared. “China’s military intimidation, economic coercion, and diplomatic pressure will not change Taiwan’s adherence to democracy and freedom, to the world, and to participate in the international democratic community. Determination and hard work will continue to cooperate with the United States and other countries with similar ideas to defend the global democratic system and the value of human rights.”


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