Dominica launches health-certified tourism experiences

The detailed process of traveling in Dominica with COVID-19 health and safety measures in place

By Caribbean News Global Caribbean News Global fav Dominica launches health-certified tourism experiences

LONDON, ENGLAND – On October 2, Discover Dominica Authority launched the “Safe in Nature” campaign. It provides a “managed experience” within a “tourism bubble” comprising accommodation, transport, attractions, spas, restaurants, and water-based activities that have all been certified for safety by the government

Discover Dominica Authority explained that “Safe in Nature is essentially a “tourism bubble” within which specific activities can take place in accordance with action plans submitted by the properties which (i) detail activities to be undertaken, transportation procedures, select locations, protocols to be adhered to, personnel assigned, and (ii) have been approved by the ministry of health, wellness and new health investment prior to commencement. This creates a tourism bubble which is exclusive to cohorts of guests only.”

Dominica hopes to persuade tourists to return to the Nature Isle of the Caribbean reopened its borders to tourists in August following protocols. Certified tourism service providers featured on the Discover Dominica Authority website, includes three 5-star resorts that are also eligible for Dominica’s world-leading Citizenship by Investment (CBI), Jungle Bay, Secret Bay, Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski Dominica, an eco-friendly property and internationally renowned.

According to the president of the Dominica Hotels and Tourism Association, Hans Schilders: “Dominica is ready to safely welcome guests back to its shores.” Schilders stressed: “Priority one is national health safety – there is no discussion on that topic. Priority two is – we try to bring new visitors to Dominica.”

Prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit, with a focus on the road to Dynamic Dominica and fostering economic resilience, said: “The safety of our people is paramount […], and we will not compromise on this.”

Dominica continues to progress on capital projects funded by Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme in the face of the global shutdown triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to prime minister Skerrit, there has been a gradual improvement in the number of applications as countries begin to reopen borders and travel restrictions are lifted. And, despite the shutdown, capital projects on the island have continued with significant progress.

“Anichi Resort and Spa continued during the pandemic; Jungle Bay used the opportunity of the shutdown to complete the property. They have built additional villas, a new restaurant, additional swimming pool and other amenities. The Hilton Curio, based in Salisbury, they have ramped up construction, and they are doing very well. The housing never stopped, the Marigot hospital continued, the health centres continued,” prime minister Skerrit said.

Meanwhile, Housing Dominica continues to deliver under CBI programme, the government of Dominica plans to construct 600 homes under the Dominica Housing Recovery Project, scheduled to be completed by 2023.

Recently, Dominica expanded the definition of CBI dependants and introduced five major changes to its world-leading Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme, that relates to family members that can qualify for second citizenship, in light of the ongoing uncertainty caused by the global pandemic. Dominica reduced the qualifying fund contribution for a family of four from US$200,000 to US$175,000, comprising the main applicant, their spouse and two dependants other than a sibling.

Introduced in 1993, Dominica’s CBI programme allows successful applicants gain access to visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to approximately 140 destinations, live, invest, work and study on the Nature Isle of the Caribbean. The success of this is evident of the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) and selected pre-approved real estate options, into various sectors of Dominica including tourism, education, healthcare and more.

Dominica’s CBI programme was recently ranked as the world’s best offering for second citizenship for the fourth consecutive year by experts at the Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management magazine.


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