Dominica’s attorney-general advise opposition to change tactics

Attorney General of Dominica Levi Peter

By Caribbean News Global contributor

ROSEAU, Dominica – Attorney-General of Dominica, Levi Peter, has advised the United Workers Party (UWP) to change tactics and focus on working with the elected government to implement electoral reform, rather than challenging the 2019 general elections in court.

Leader of the UWP, Lennox Linton announced recently that he will be taking the matter to court saying that he does not recognize the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) government and [that] his party has no choice but to continue the protest.

The Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) likewise, does not recognize the 2019 general elections results as being legitimate.

“The Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) congratulates the majority of the Dominicans who reside in Dominica for rejecting Roosevelt Skerrit – who has headed an evil, vicious, vile and repugnant political gang that has been presiding over our country which they are plunging into a state of lawlessness, despair, and poverty, ” the DFP said in a statement.

Attorney-General Peter advised: “The opposition forces should be taking up the prime minister in the indication that he gave in his address and swearing-in that he intended to engage with the leader of the opposition towards seeking to secure appropriate electoral reforms and other actions that would lead to the benefit of Dominica.”

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“I would strongly urge that, that be pursued, at least give that an opportunity and if that fails then maybe you would be more justified to take alternative measures,” Peter said. “But in the current circumstance where you have such an emphatic victory to use all sorts of slurs, innuendos, accusations, and allegations against individuals and organizations totally unsupported by any credible evidence it is not in the best interest of Dominica.”

The attorney-general urge parties involved in such interests to desist following the general elections held on December 6, 2019, with the DLP returning to power with an 18 to three majority.

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS/EOM) present in the Commonwealth of Dominica for the general elections on December 6 noted that the results “reflect the will of the people” and called upon the leader of the opposition to “collaborate in bridging the political divide that currently exists in the country.”



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