Festen Bwapen ek Chatany a celebration of a lifetime

David Jordan a member of the Strategic Planning team at Festen Bwapen ek Chatany with Minister for Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs, Emma Hippolyte, at the Festen Bwapen ek Chatany Festival

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES, St Lucia – The curtains have been drawn on the weeklong observation of Emancipation 2022 by the Holy Trinity Anglican Church through the celebration of Festen Bwapen ek Chatany having experienced a battle – as to what is the correct spelling in Kweyol and the FRC version of Chatany or whether it is Chatayeen or Chataigne, says David Jordan a member of the strategic planning team.

According to Jordan, this demonstrates to the authorities there is a need to pay appropriate attention to the teaching of the Kweyol language, and its orthography, if it has to be taught to the youth and to ensure its continuity.

While the week started with a Church Service at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, presided over by Venerable Archdeacon Glasgow – chair of the team; “Festen Bwapen ek Chatany ends Saturday with the second lecture to be delivered by Nkrumah Lucien at 10.00 a.m. He will be presented by Rhyesa Joseph, the newly appointed executive director of the Monsignor Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre.

Lucien is a member of the National Reparations Committee and will discuss “Sankofa and Reparations: The Past is Present,” and will examine the issue of Reparations (for Enslavement and Colonialism) in the context of the idea of engaging the present responsibly by addressing our history.

The Breadfruit Festival: Lectures on African descent and indigenous people

Earlier in the week, (Wednesday), Albert Deterville spoke on  Chaché an mòd mannifèstasyon èsslav ansyen pou anpéché’y fèt ankò. “ Drawing from the manifestations of past slavery to avoid its recurrence”. 

These lectures form part of the theme of the observation which focused on the indigenous peoples.

Saturday’s programme will end with folk drumming by the KWI Band of Micoud and poetic renditions by OSHUN. Oshun also has had a display of her paintings and artistic work on display, featuring the African in Me. The Major Tones also offered a wide range of musique kweyol together with a folk dance performance by the Flamboyant Folk Dancers of Babonneau.

The week witnessed a showcase of several high brand products of the cottage type industries which included the bi-products from Breadfruit from – The Rural Women Network Clusters from (Babonneau and Micoud) featuring Breadfruit Flour confectionery, ice-cream, artwork, jewellery, and culinary display of breadfruit flour derivatives.

Jordan observed two major highlights of the Festen Bwapen ek Chatany exhibition, saying:

“One was the innovation of the Liqueurs produced by Caribbean Draft Distilling, Rosemond wines and liqueur from Breadfruit and Chatany ( Breadnut). The St Rose Delight of confectionery producing a breadfruit jam and the innovation of the Rural and Women and Rosemond wines producing wines and liqueurs and Teas by Garden 758 Teas as well the Soap of BON SAVON) – included the work of OSHUN”.

Two innovative cottage-type operations will be featured at the Breadfruit Festival

The other highlight said Jordan, featured: “Entrepreneurs of the cottage industries and sessions by the University of the West Indies where participants were exposed to the research work of The University; and how this can be availed to the Cottage type industry in Saint Lucia to enhance the sector. Moreover, Dr O’ Daley explored the “Commercialization of the Breadfruit and Breadnut through the development of Cottage industries –  a perspective of the St Augustine UWI”.

As part of a follow-up, the department of forestry will work with the Anglican Church on a major sustainability programme. The exhibition also highlighted how wood can be utilized for many uses apart from furniture.

Festen Bwapen ek Chatany was organized under four themes. The strategic team is happy for the support offered by the National Archives in the portrayal of the historical information to address the Emancipation and Indigenous peoples component.

Jordan states the event helped generate discussion on the economic value of the Breadfruit and Breadnut as primary products that can assist in addressing food nutrition and food security at the national level.

Caribbean News Global Bill-Mortley-Photography_Breadfruit-Festival_-July-31st-2022_-BMP-55541 Festen Bwapen ek Chatany a celebration of a lifetime
Bill Mortley Photography

Festen Bwapen ek Chatany while attempting to provide a wide variety of supplies of Breadfruit and Breadnut delicacies also experienced the challenges of insufficiency of supplies of the product caused by the supposed high export trend as well as the impact of climate change.

Cecil Charles reiterated the intention to ensure this event forms part of the programme, stating:

“We are happy for the partnership with the department of forestry”, adding, “while this was a first in its kind, patrons have also requested a repeat – and we shall see what can be done to ensure this happens”.

Festen Bwapen ek Chatany obtained support from St Lucia Distillers, St Lucia Electricity Services (LUCELEC), Caribbean News Global (CNG) and the government of Saint Lucia as part of Emancipation observance 2022.


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