Fisheries Improvement Fund invests £3.5 million to benefit fisheries and anglers across England


By Caribbean News Global Caribbean News Global fav Fisheries Improvement Fund invests £3.5 million to benefit fisheries and anglers across England

LONDON, England – Over the past 12 months, the Environment Agency’s Fisheries Improvement Programme (FIP) has funded more than 100 projects, delivering benefits to fisheries and anglers across England, says Environment Agency, in a press release Friday.

“More than £3.5 million has been invested through FIP this year to fund projects such as new fish passes, protecting fish stocks, providing new angling platforms, and improving accessibility so more people than ever are able to enjoy the sport. FIP projects cover both rivers and still waters and, as well as benefitting anglers, help protect a wide range of species including coarse fish, trout and eels.”

Since FIP was established in 2015, over 850 projects have been successfully completed, with a total of £6 million invested from fishing licence sales alone. These projects continue to positively impact fisheries, angling, ecosystems, and local communities across England.

Heidi Stone, Environment Agency Fisheries Manager, said:

“The Fisheries Improvement Programme is a great way for the Environment Agency to support angling clubs. The projects will improve fish stocks and help to maintain the popularity of angling.

“All the projects will benefit anglers and the local partners provide significant match funding and input from volunteers. We want to hear from more clubs and fisheries about the work and projects they would like to see undertaken. The more people who go fishing, the more projects we can deliver.”

Every penny the Environment Agency receives in fishing licence income is reinvested to improve our fisheries and protect England’s waterways.

Environment Agency said: “FIP funding is matched by local partners including angling clubs, fisheries, local rivers trusts, and organisations such as the Wild Trout Trust, who work together to make sure every pound from the licence fee income is used to its maximum potential. In 2021/22, the total match funding is estimated to be more than £2.9 million.”


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