Forbes Reveals Results of Third Under 30 Voter Survey with Zogby Strategies


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Amidst a global pandemic, many millennials are ignoring urgent warning signs about social distancing and staying home, according to the Forbes Under 30 Voter Survey, powered by Zogby Strategies.

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Forbes Senior Editor, Steve Bertoni, writes:

“Our latest Forbes Under 30 Voter Survey, Powered by John Zogby Strategies, finds that onslaught of criticism of millennials’ behavior to be well placed. Completed on March 18, the latest nationwide Forbes Under 30 Poll found that an astounding 35% of Americans aged 18-29 believed that the COVID-19 crisis is overblown. Less than 50% of those polled think that it’s a genuine health threat.”

For the complete story, visit: Exclusive Poll: Many Millennials Remain Unconcerned About Coronavirus — Still Socializing, Dining Out, Dating

In a companion piece that goes deeper into the numbers, Forbes Assistant Editor, Marley Coyne, writes “In a head-to-head race against Trump, Sanders and Biden both triumph with around 56% of the vote, compared to Trump’s approximately 35%, indicating that many young people are prepared to close ranks against the sitting president. Biden’s lead over Trump is up from 52% last month.”
New Forbes Poll: Biden And Sanders Fare Exactly The Same With Young Voters When Pitted Against Trump

The Forbes Under 30 Voter Survey, powered by Zogby polled 1,017 American likely voters age 18-29 – including 603 likely Democratic or caucus voters conducted on March 18.

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