‘Fostering inclusive consultation’ at the OAS a priority, says Sir Sanders

Antigua and Barbuda Ambassador to the United States, Sir Ronald Sanders

By Caribbean News Global Caribbean News Global fav ‘Fostering inclusive consultation’ at the OAS a priority, says Sir Sanders

WASHINGTON, USA – On June 30, delivering the closing statement at the Permanent Council of the OAS, president, Sir Ronald Sanders, ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda, affirmed the importance of ‘fostering inclusive consultation among member states and discouraging exclusive groups and majority decisions without the opportunity for full discussion.’

The experience of Sir Sanders is decorated in his service as the president of the OAS from January to March 2016 and again from May to June 2021. He is the only ambassador to serve as president twice.

In his closing statement, Sir Sanders noted that the ‘large task of guiding this Permanent Council through this second period of his presidency.’

“Consensus cannot be built on exclusion, and the purposes of the OAS will not be effectively fulfilled without the participation of all its member states.”

Other aspects of necessity surrounds doing the important work of the OAS “without fear or favour,” Sir Sanders explained: “The work of this Organisation can greatly serve the people of our hemisphere, but only if there is respect and equality of treatment for all, especially when opinions differ.”

Sir Sanders acknowledged that he came to this second period of the Presidency of the Permanent Council in difficult circumstances and with tough issues confronting member states. He “thanked the office of the assistant secretary-general for their invaluable help, particularly Rodrigo Cortes and Carmen de la Pava and the people and government of Antigua and Barbuda.”

As always, the advice of twice distinguished and the longest service ambassador for the Caribbean, said: “As I vacate this second period of service as president of the Permanent Council, my single message is to remind everyone that goals that are achieved through the exercise of power and coercion do not endure for long; objectives that are accomplished by voluntary cooperation survive and prosper.”

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