Global supply chain slowdown: Right?


Dear Sir

The global economy is jump-starting in a big way. All the various logistic systems put on hold these last two years are beginning to fire up, and finding this process both difficult and confusing.

I am a manufacturer of store fixtures and custom retail furniture. Like many other domestic manufacturers we are experiencing various difficulties supposedly brought on the pandemic.

Raw materials used to fabricate finished products have experienced huge cost increases. What cost 0.68c a foot two years ago now retails for $2.55-3.25 a foot. Also, most regular items we ordered previously are now scarce, and difficult to purchase. Metal, wood, laminates, etc, are being scooped up before our purchasing department can place orders. Our prices have increased to cover these costs. It’s a dog eat dog economy out there folks.

Our grocers, hardware chains and other retailers are increasing their prices. These corporations have a good thing going and are taking advantage of the situation with their customers’ pocketbooks.

Many items made offshore are rightfully having difficulty shipping finished products to their customers. That is true. What I am finding however is that various industries and their agencies are perhaps creating a product vacuum here in Canada and also abroad.

Can you find the product of your choice? Well, it is out there and for a higher price, it can be yours. This deliberate profiteering is not ethical or moral, but yes, we live in a land ruled by “The Capitalistic Ethic”… anything goes.

During the first 18 months of this pandemic, many items remained in stock, unsold. New items from Asia were shipping into our retailers’ warehouses, prepaid and could not cancel their orders. Now these products are overstocked. The older items must sell pronto. Items being made domestically and readied for customers are experiencing price gouging technics that we have not seen for decades. Created shortages, similar to the toilet paper shortage pre-2021, happening throughout our retail system. This pandemic is going to end soon, and our corporate sectors are making all the profit they can, while they can.

Ever hear the saying “there’s profit to be found in every crisis”. Surely this was said by a corporate hound dog. Why should you be concerned? Inflation, Inflation, Inflation. “It’s the economy stupid”, and our economy is very sick indeed. The whole world’s economic situation is moving towards a colossal re-adjustment and many of our savings, retirement funds and expectations will suffer terribly. Canada’s economy was in bad shape before the pandemic and now with added pressure from inflation, we are headed towards some unfriendly situation. Huge public and private debt, a weak economy and a forever increasing inflation rate, and our governments have no idea how to get it under control.

Supply chain slowdown. Yah Right!

Is there someone out there with uniquely creative ideas of how our world can find normalcy in our time? And where have all the honest business people gone? Treat your customer right and their yours forever. Rob us, mistreat us, lie to us and see what customer dissatisfaction, really is.

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario


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