Government of Grenada outlines first 100 days in office

Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Dickon Mitchell

ST GEORGES, Grenada – The government of Grenada has made significant strides towards the implementation of its transformational agenda during the first 100 days in office, including the realisation of several campaign promises.

Prime minister and minister for finance, Dickon Mitchell, attributed early successes to the collaborative and diligent efforts of ministers and staff throughout the various ministries, noting the challenging times within which the new administration took office.

“Our transformational agenda is not ‘pie in the sky,’ but one that is hinged on a shared vision for a sustainable, equitable and prosperous Grenada,” prime minister Mitchell said. “A hundred days after our inauguration, I am pleased to report that our new administration has been able to lay some key cornerstones for this future that we collectively wish to see. Most notably, we were successful in easing some of the “pain” that has plagued Grenadians for years.”

Achievements highlighted at the 100-day milestone include:

Removal of school fees

  • Fees removed at pre-primary, primary and secondary school levels

Payment of docked salaries

  • $1.2 million paid to 1,721 affected teachers and other public officers

Payment of pensions

  • $60 million approved to facilitate pension and gratuity payments by November 30, 2022

Twice monthly payment of salaries

  • A sandbox approach is currently being pursued to ensure a seamless nationwide rollout by March 2023

Cost of living relief measures

  • Petrol Products
  • Reduction in the Petrol Tax from $5.50 to $0.00
  • Maintained fixed price of $40 on the price of the 20 lbs LPG
  • Electricity Consumption for Domestic Consumers
  • Zero-rating of the VAT up to 500 kWh until December 31, 2022
  • Removal of Environmental Levy up to 500 kWh until December 31, 2022 Freight Charges on Duties and Taxes for Imported Goods
  • Freight charges adjusted to reflect 2019 freight costs until March 31, 2023

Extension of COVID-19 relief structures

  • Extension and Expansion of the SEED Programme to include Carriacou and Petite Martinique
  • Extension to Temporary Unemployment Benefits
  • Up to $30,000 in Grant Funding and Training Support for Businesses

Increased airlift agreements

  • Twin Otter Aircraft between St. Vincent, Carriacou, and Grenada
  • Year-round flights from Toronto to Grenada on Sunwing Airlines
  • Weekly direct flights from Germany to Grenada on Condor Airlines
  • Additional British Airways flight from the UK to Grenada by November 2022

Ease of travel

  • Removal of the ED Card for departing passengers
  • Increased automated airport kiosks from 4 to 10

Prime minister Mitchell reiterated government’s commitment to deliver on its mandate of transformation and called on all Grenadians to do their part to support nation-building.

“It is only by coming together, with a genuine desire to help one another and to pull our weight as responsible citizens, that we will sustainably move forward as a country and assume our rightful place among the global community of nations.”


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