‘Green practices’ boost blue economy

The Seychelles is a nation made up of some 115 islands in the Indian Ocean [Manahas Farquhar Matthew Morgan]

SEYCHELLES, East Africa – The introduction of “green” or sustainable practices supported by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) is helping the “blue economy” of an Indian Ocean archipelago to thrive.

UNDP has worked with the government of the Seychelles to create a protected zone which will cover 30 percent of the country’s ocean territory.

Caribbean News Global turtle ‘Green practices’ boost blue economy

The agency says that safeguarding the area, which is the size of Germany, will “encourage sustainable development” by promoting high-end tourism – once the industry can start to recover from COVID-19 – on land and sea, and by managing marine resources including fishing rights, and will contribute to what is known as the blue economy.

Ahead of International Mother Earth Day, which is celebrated annually on 22 April, read more here about how the conservation of the environment and biodiversity in the Seychelles is going hand-in-hand with sustainable economic development.


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