Haiti’s challenges require unified support for Haitian-led solutions

UK Deputy Political Coordinator at the UN, Alice Jacobs

By Caribbean News Global Caribbean News Global fav Haiti’s challenges require unified support for Haitian-led solutions

ENGLAND / HAITI – UK deputy political coordinator, Alice Jacobs at the UN Security Council briefing on Haiti, stressed three points, in a statement delivered February 18, 2022.

“Firstly, the complex security, health and economic challenges currently faced by Haiti can only be resolved by unified support for Haitian-led solutions. In this regard, the United Kingdom remains firm in its belief that support to the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti remains critical, especially the Mission’s on-going efforts to facilitate a unified approach to these multifaceted challenges.”

“We look forward to the independent assessment of BINUH’s mandate as we approach the renewal in July,” Jacobs added:

“Secondly, the persistent political gridlock is deeply troubling, as is the continued impact this is having on the Haitian people. We encourage efforts underway to secure political consensus, for a pathway to free, fair and credible elections, and for all sides to work constructively in support of a peaceful, democratic solution for the Haitian people. It is incumbent upon all of us, as Haiti’s international partners, to do likewise in supporting a Haitian-led solution.

“Thirdly, we are concerned by the deteriorating security and human rights situation – particularly the increase in kidnappings, indiscriminate criminal violence, and instances of human trafficking.”

According to the statement, “The UK will continue to support work with both the government of Haiti and the international community to address these challenges. Criminal armed groups and perpetrators of human rights abuses not only jeopardise the lives of Haitians, but risk undermining the prospect of real political progress.”

The assassination of president Moïse was an “abhorrent act, and we maintain our call for the perpetrators of this crime to be brought to justice,” Jacobs added: “We remain deeply worried by the humanitarian situation in the country. Covid-19 has compounded economic and health threats, which have been exacerbated further by the devastating earthquake last year. This has particularly impacted women and children, increasing their vulnerabilities and the threats to their economic and health welfare, so we welcome the outcome of the donor’s conference this week.”

“The UK encourages all actors to work constructively and cooperatively with the Haitian authorities to find solutions to the root causes of these crises, and to support the development and advancement of the Haitian people,” concludes the statement.


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