High-Level group of the OAS Permanent Council to analyze situation in Peru


USA / PERU – In the context of the mandate established by the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS), the high-level group to analyze the situation in Peru once again calls upon the actors of the branches of government, other public authorities, groups and civil society in general, to start a process of inclusive dialogue in order to preserve democratic institutions, representative democracy and social peace for the benefit of the Peruvian people.

The OAS high-level Group renews its willingness to assist in a process of dialogue among the relevant actors and appreciates the willingness of all in the search for an agreement that will ensure democratic governance.

The Group respects the decisions of all State institutions and encourages the parties to demonstrate their willingness to conciliate, to listen to each other and to act with a sense of State responsibility, for the benefit of the Peruvian people.

The Group is already working to submit the report to the OAS Permanent Council as soon as possible with details on the findings of the visit, as well as the meetings held.


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