Implementation of an industry review of the BVI telecommunications market


British Virgin Islands, (BVI), Tortola – The Commission is seeking a consultant’s services to assess the Virgin Islands telecommunications industry after liberalization occurred in 2006 and determine how the new telecommunications policy should change for the 21st century. Accordingly, the Commission is now accepting submissions in response to this Request for Proposals.

The remainder of this RFP outlines the scope of services which is being sought by the Commission, respective deliverables, and the requirements for a proposal in response to this RFP, as well as outlining the evaluation criteria that the Commission will use as the basis for selecting the successful consultant.

Consultancy Bid

Consultants submitting proposals to undertake the Project are expected to demonstrate general and specific competency in the execution of projects of a similar nature. The consultant shall be a qualified economic expert or industry professional, who has experience in implementing a holistic market analysis in order to understand how the competitive situation in the telecommunications market has evolved since liberalization and to identify the possible inhibitors that may hinder the development of competition currently and in the future. The consultant must submit CVs indicating relevant experiences and qualifications. The Consultant, in his/her offer, shall provide a description of the methodologies and resources that will be drawn on to conduct the exercise including man days, timeframes and travel details (if applicable) to meet intended consultancy objectives.

RFP & Project Timelines

The following represents the projected schedule for the RFP. These dates are subject to change by the Commission at any time and consultants will be notified as soon as is reasonably practicable if any such changes occur.

  • Request for Proposal Issuance 15 August 2022 7
  • Deadline for Submission of Final Proposal to the Commission 5 September 2022
  • Contract Award/Notification to Unsuccessful Bidders 3 October 2022

The requisite date for completion of the Project is to be agreed upon with the Commission. Nonetheless, we encourage consultants to include in their submissions the time within which they propose to complete the Project, recognising that this is a priority item for the Commission.

Submission of Documents

Consultants are invited to submit their proposal by email to: Mr Guy L. Malone, Chief Executive Officer, copied to Ms George Lewis, Chief Operations Officer,

Additionally, all queries regarding this RFP must be made in writing to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, to: Ms Melissa Farara,

Answers to questions will be made available on a confidential basis to all other parties who may be responding to this RFP.


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