Incorporating the Mediterranean Diet into Your Lifestyle 5

Pumpkin Soup

CHICAGO, USA – In the 1950s, two North American physiologists, Ancel Keys and his wife, Margaret Keys, observed a notable link between food culture and the happy and healthy lifestyle of the riparian towns of the Mediterranean; from these observations, the concept of the “Mediterranean Diet” was born.

Today, Americans can partake in the European dining experience by eating healthy plant-based foods, fish, and seafood; engaging in regular physical activity; and falling in love with the unmistakable taste of the diet’s star ingredient, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In fact, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that there is credible evidence to support the consumption of foods with oleic acid, such as olive oil, aids in helping reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Executive chef and brand ambassador for Olive Oils from Spain, Seamus Mullen, rethought his relationship with food in 2007 due to health issues. “Without a doubt, I’m a huge advocate for the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. Olive oil is fundamental to the Mediterranean diet and I’ve integrated it into my life on a daily basis,” Mullen says. However, the Mediterranean diet doesn’t stop at the incorporation of olive oil, as Mullen has also, “gone on to completely change my diet over the last 8 years, removing refined carbs, sugar and focusing on healthy fats, proteins and vegetables.”

Mullen created the following recipes that showcase the staple ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, starring the rich flavor of olive oil:

The purpose of the Olive Oil World Tour is to make the virtues of olive oils, specifically from the European Union, known to Americans. This includes showing how easy it is to incorporate the ingredient, known as “liquid gold,” into their daily lives.

With an unpredictable world, diners can take this time to make recipes, taste-test, and learn more about Olive Oils from Spain. Spain is the main producer and marketer of Olive Oil in the world and a leader in the implementation of the most demanding quality and traceability controls.


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