Inflow, a Science-Based App for ADHD, Announces Acquisition of Lina


With the acquisition, Inflow plans to broaden its care offering

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Inflow, a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based self-help app, has agreed to acquire tele-health clinic Lina Health.

Lina offers technology-forward mental health services for adults in states like California, New York, Florida and North Carolina. Lina’s proprietary technology platform supports superior care outcomes at scale, incorporating data, proprietary assessment methods and a workflow automation suite. Since founding Lina in early 2021, the operation expanded to nearly ~1,000 cumulative members.

Inflow offers a dynamic, science-based program that provides members a better understanding of themselves, access to coaching and practical tools, and opportunities to learn strategies to better self-manage their ADHD — all as part of a safe / stigma-free, accepting community developed with the guidance of a team of clinicians and coaches. With the app, Inflow users complete short daily exercises and challenges to develop healthy habits, learn skills, practice ADHD-specific mindfulness techniques, learn about their neurological differences, and reframe negative thoughts.

Inflow Co-founder Seb Isaacs said: “We are on a mission to reach millions with ADHD and raise the quality bar on how this population accesses care. The Lina team shares our values and will help us reach our vision of providing holistic care for people with ADHD.”

Neil Grigg, the founder and CEO of Lina, said: “Neuro-diverse people deserve accessible, affordable, and effective care. Inflow offers a positive, constructive vision of how best to modernize care in this category. I hope to help Inflow’s team continue to set the standard within the category. Soon Inflow will offer diagnoses from professional clinical psychologists, tele-coaching and other services.”

Ameen Rashad, Head of Engineering at Lina, said: “It has been a pleasure building a technology platform that can ensure user needs are met at scale.”

“We are excited to work with the Lina team to help us broaden our offering,” said Levi Epstein, Inflow Co-Founder.

Previously, Inflow has raised funds from Hoxton Ventures, Y Combinator, Route 66 Ventures and angels (including the founders of digital clinic Quit Genius and weight-loss program Second Nature).