International CyberEx competition on Cyber incidents concluded


WASHINGTON, USA – The sixth edition of the international CyberEx competition on cyber incidents was held this week with the participation of 305 people divided into 80 teams. The CSIRT of Telefónica de España was the winner, second place went to the Sphinx team, from Egypt, and third place went to the Trojans team, from the Netherlands.

International CyberEx is a competition coordinated by the Organization of American States (OAS), the National Cybersecurity Institute of Spain (INCIBE) and the Spanish National Center for the Protection of Infrastructure and Cybersecurity (CNPIC), whose main objectives are to strengthen cyber incident response capabilities and improvement of cooperation between the different participating countries.

In this edition, teams from 39 countries participated, including 16 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean, 11 European representatives, 5 from Africa, 6 from Asia and 1 from the United States. The teams were made up of expert participants and security technicians with high knowledge and experience in ICT, and came mainly from the private sector, government, defense and academia.

The cyber exercise had a CTF (Capture The Flag) format, a cybersecurity competition model designed as a training exercise that allows participants experience in monitoring an intrusion, as well as working on the capabilities of reaction to cyber attacks analogous to those that occur in the real world.

The International CyberEx are part of a collaboration agreement signed in 2015 between the Spanish ministry of foreign affairs, the European Union and Cooperation, and the OAS to develop different cooperation actions to reinforce the levels of protection at the international level in a comprehensive, coordinated and effective way.


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