Is this life as we know it?


Dear Sir

We have been told that there are now perhaps several COVID pathogens out there in the real world, like ephrin B.2 & B.3, known as entry receptors for Henipaviruses that attack both humans and animals alike. Initial contacts with these two viruses were with infected pigs and horses, in time a human was also infected, and we know what happens next right? Becoming ill while not knowing it, the subject meets friends, neighbours and family unknowingly infected those met. B2 & B3 can cause severe illness, attacking the subject’s lungs, very much like COVID-19.

So now we have new strains of COVID-19, viruses that attack not only us but our pets and food sources, but also monkeypox, coming straight from Africa to your neighbourhood. Most found infections are found in Quebec, a place with a high rate of immigration coming from French Speaking African Nations. Canadians travel back and forth from their old homeland to their new home. Monkeypox can cause severe physical poxing, and scaring that can grow visibly. More viruses to come. We can be assured that more variants will arise to make our lives more difficult.

Is there good news out there? Well many states, provinces and nations have opened their economies up, with domestic and international travel all the craze. Canada no longer requires expensive testing for domestic and international flights but reserved the right to apply restrictions as it saw fit. Ontario’s premier Doug Ford declared that Ontario was back in business once again. If you go to a mall, sporting event or simply anywhere the wearing of masks has become uncommon and looked down upon. You will hear comments like “man it’s over…what’s with the mask?” or “get with the times”. Yes, there are many less kind remarks heard recently. Are we safe?

Again, one can ask if we are free of these viruses? Nope. Not by a long shot. COVID-19 in all its forms still spread throughout the community. People are still dying from its effects daily too. Our children continue to spread the virus to the aged population, and the potency of those vaccinations have come into question also. It has been said and admitted that vaccinations are extremely effective for up to 6-14 weeks, whereupon their potency begins to decline. Possible vaccination boosters for the unforeseen future?

Living in Ontario, I have found our locally elected leaders unable or unwilling to make the decisions needed to protect us. They face the challenge or priorities, the health and welfare of the electorate vs economic survival. In Ontario, we are presently moving from one to the other. Economic growth has become central to our Provinces future, a future that will be filled with illnesses, loss of medical staff, vaccination upon vaccinations, full hospitals with waiting periods of 2-10 hours to just get into a hospital.

Our hospitals are full with COVID cases, delayed operations, COVID affected patients unable to go home because they suffer from “Long COVID” and all its various symptoms.

Populations in the 1st world nations don’t hear about the horrid effects that COVID-19 has had upon nations throughout the world, and these poorer nations have not received their vaccinations in mass yet. We are not familiar with how monkeypox has spread throughout Africa into Asia. Our medical community is exhausted, with fatalism found amongst them, driving many to retirement or leaving their professions. Has our governments made efforts to train nurses, medical professionals or even doctors in mass? Nope, they have not. They throw our money around and make claims of future investment, but we do not see any results from these investments at a time when we need to be assured as people are under attack from the unseen virus.

A strict mandate is certainly needed. Our governments need to be straight and honest with us all. Our hospitals are in a mess, finding medical professionals will become more difficult, and our universal health system may need to be revised and re-imagined. We need to realize that economics holds a bigger stick in this fight for survival, and while our governments do what they can to keep us safe, the economy will always reign supreme, certainly on most continents. Will there be any fallout due to how our various countries’ governments have acted or not acted to this ongoing pandemic?

In North America vicious movements of distrusting Americans and Canadians have developed, where no matter what the Federal Government does, they are seen to be wrongly minded and untrustworthy. In the EU Right-Wing Movements continue to grow in popularity and membership. EU Citizens are also being divided socio-politically. The war between Russia and Ukraine has begun to unite Europeans against Russian aggression by enlarging EU Membership even to Ukraine. Nations that are not ready for such membership are being brought into the EU, along with their historic, racial and political baggage.

Asian Nations have placed the survival of the economy over their own citizens’ betterment. A growing, prospering economy makes for a prosperous citizenry. India is torn by political, religious and economic influences, COVID-19 still influences Japan, Singapore and Vietnam. China is still in close-down mode, able to close any province at a moment’s notice. Russia is at war, so COVID-19 is a secondary issue. Ten’s of thousands of Russians are dying from COVID while Russian Troops receive preferred treatment in their hospitals. The mass movement of millions of Ukrainians trying to flee the conflict brings with it influences placed on host nations, namely pandemic infections, stress upon their health systems, and certainly what can they do with these millions of new European migrants?

While your state of mind is possibly confused, uncertain and probably bewildered. You may ask what is next on your calendar? Well, educate yourself about all local and international things of interest and happenings. You can be in a charming state of confusion or realize that ignorance is the worst state of liberation.

Our governments, religious & local authorities attempt to comfort us, by giving us orders, rules, and regulations to help form our minds and attempt to create a state of mind that is vulnerable to their suggestions. Think for yourself, since certainly, it will be your state of mind and actions that keep you and your family safe at this time. What makes sense and is commonsensical is the avenue you should pursue. Good luck and may the “Force” be with you.

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario


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