Jealousy fuels hatred


Dear Sir

Various fabricated comments and beliefs of hatred are expressed, but the primary reason groups of people and some organizations are hated is jealousy by others. The jealousy can be related to the successes of the targeted people or organizations.

The New England Patriots football team was hated by fans beyond New England due to its successful seasons. The New York Yankees baseball team has been hated by fans of other baseball teams.

Successful people are hated by those who are less successful. Various races, ethnicities and religions in the world are targeted with hatred, some because of their high success rates in fields of endeavour. In the U.S. Asian and Indian (from India) Americans have experienced hateful acts and speech by jealous people. Jews have been the recipients of hatred over the ages due to jealousy of their successes. Successful Christians have experienced physical violence and hatred in Muslim countries.

Many haters have had failing experiences, such as bad childhoods, or failed marriages, or sexual inabilities, or poor performances in school, work, or financial difficulties.

Maybe jealous people should stop trying to lift themselves up by putting others down and work at improving their positions in life.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry NH


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