Latin America and the Caribbean to enhance regional integration and integrate culture into education systems


PARIS, France — Ministers of culture and ministers of education of the Central America Integration System (SICA) officially adopted in November two key strategies: one to enhance the role of culture for regional integration and the other to better integrate culture into education systems. Both were developed with the support of UNESCO.

The first, adopted by the Council of Ministers of Culture of SICA, advocates for the contribution of culture to the strengthening of cohesion, dialogue and social understanding among societies, especially relevant in view of the current major challenges faced in the region.

Meanwhile, the second, adopted by the meeting of the council of ministers of education and culture, helps to foster the appreciation of cultural diversity as a positive force, promoting intercultural dialogue as an effective tool against violence, prejudice, discrimination and all forms of social exclusion. Both strategies incorporate UNESCO’s technical guidelines, as well as the Culture 2030 Thematic Indicators.

The second edition of the Great World Forum of Arts, Culture, Creativity and Technology, hosted by Colombia, was held online in November. It brought together ministers of culture of Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Jamaica, Uruguay, Peru, Panama and Chile, as well as several institutions such as UNESCO, the Southern Market (Mercosur) and the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB). Around a hundred experts in the fields of economics, entrepreneurship and development; technology, creativity, culture and the arts shared their ideas, knowledge and views on the creative economy.

The International Creative Exchange Caribbean Initiative was held online in December to connect Caribbean and European creative and cultural professionals. The initiative aims to provide comprehensive online business to business (B2B) training and market development opportunities for Caribbean artists. It was co-hosted by the South-South Collective from Jamaica and the UNESCO Transcultura Programme, whose objective is to deepen integration between Cuba, the Caribbean and the European Union in the cultural and creative industries.


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