Letter to comrade president Nicholas Maduro, Guyanese fishermen and fishing vessels

Peter Lansiquot, President, SLVSIM, Friend of Venezuela

24 January 2021

Comrade Nicolás Maduro

President, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


Esteemed Comrade Maduro,

It gives me great pleasure to be able to address these words to you as a brother and a faithful friend of my beloved Venezuelan and Guyanese people. I have been observing the various communications concerning the recent detention of the Guyanese fishing vessels and their boats, and it seems to me that the language of the intercessors has not been sufficiently diplomatic.

It is my opinion and that of the Saint Lucia – Venezuela Solidarity and Integrationist Movement (SLVSIM), of which I am President, that it is time to establish more equitable relations and a more friendly language between its Caribbean neighbors and our sister, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as would have been the desire of our forefathers, Simón Bolívar, Jean Baptiste Bideau, Antonio Maceo, José Martí, Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro Ruz and Hugo Chávez. It is time for the establishment at the regional level of a stronger and closer Caribbean and Venezuelan partnership, which demonstrates to countries more distant from our region, that we can resolve the vast majority of our issues with greater regional independence.

It also seems to SLVSIM that the matter of the detention of the fishing vessels could have been resolved with a more cordial conversation between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Guyana, without anyone else having to intervene in it. This is my firm opinion and that of SLVSIM. It also seems to us that we can still resolve this issue in that manner, and in that spirit.

Meanwhile, SLVSIM would like to make a request in favor of the fishermen (who should really be in the comfort of their homes and with their families), who have been the unfortunate victims of a situation that should have been resolved much more quickly, at a high level, between diplomats and other officials who respect each other.

While I reiterate our great affection for and solidarity with the Bolivarian people and the esteemed government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, I ask you, kindly, to accept the assurances of my highest consideration and esteem.


Comrade Peter Lansiquot

President, SLVSIM, Friend of Venezuela


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