Manufacturing factory resumes operations in Shenzhen

Lenovo Shenzhen Smart Manufacturing Factory, March 2020

BEIJING, China – Lenovo resumed operations at its Shenzhen manufacturing facility on February 10, focused on the preparation and the safety of its employees. Everyone has been working with a strong sense of responsibility and mission.

Our Shenzhen smart manufacturing factory, mainly produces laptops, PCs, servers and datacenter products, has resumed 100 percent capacity at the end of February. By the end of March, all of Lenovo’s factories will resume production while reaching 100 percent capacity.

Lenovo has provided essential protective equipment to its employees while checking their temperature and carrying out grid-like management, which is made from teams of ten employees. At the Shenzhen smart manufacturing factory, everyone must complete registration tables and can only resume working after getting approval.

Lenovo’s experience is “early planning and adequate preparation”. For example, aware of the impact on the component supply before the Spring Festival, Lenovo has stocked up as many components as possible, including product packaging. Without production during Spring Festival, Lenovo has actually built up component stock for the following weeks. Therefore, there was little impact on Lenovo.

Lenovo has a unique advantage – a global supply chain

Lenovo has factories in Brazil and India which can produce enough smartphones to meet demands in Latin America and North America. As for PC, datacenter and server business, Lenovo also leverages factories in Mexico, US, India and Japan to meet the demands in the Chinese market.

Lenovo has a relatively balanced presence in the global market which reduces the impact when there are supply chain issues. Thanks to our global presence and smart manufacturing capability, Lenovo fully demonstrates “China’s Speed to Resume Operations.” The resumption speed and safe production reflect the direction of Chinese manufacturing industry’s transformation and upgrading in the future.

Lenovo wants to prove that Chinese manufacturers have the responsibility and capability to ensure China’s normal economic operation and secure China’s position as the world’s factory, making contributions to the Chinese economy’s rapid recovery and the world economy’s stability.


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