Member States to remain vigilant to protect the health of all within their borders, says CARPHA

Dr Joy St John, Executive Director of the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) stated on Monday that Member States should continue to remain on high alert for the importation of viral or other infections and monitor in country syndromic surveillance systems for increases in fever and rash illnesses.

“At CARPHA we coordinate public health policy and work closely with our Member States and other public health partners to respond to public health issues. As part of our regional public health management, we provide assistance to Member States through the development of tools for investigation and epidemiological monitoring, and personnel are prepared to respond in country to assist in the investigation and control of outbreak, should the need arise,” stated Dr Joy St. John, executive director at the Caribbean Public Health Agency.

“We know that diseases do not recognize borders, and international travel makes us aware that no borders are secure from the threat of diseases, especially infectious ones. At this time, Member States are in various stages of easing of restrictions for COVID-19 which severely impacted the region,” Dr St John said.

CARPHA is monitoring the spread of the monkeypox virus – looking at prevention and control. We have also commenced testing for the monkeypox virus. At this time, CARPHA does not recommend restrictions on entry of persons from any country. Working alongside our Member States, we will support activities and educate the public to protect the health of all within their borders.


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