Mexico congratulates St Lucia on its 42nd Anniversary of Independence


By Embassy of Mexico in St Lucia

MEXICO/St Lucia – The Mexican Embassy in Saint Lucia congratulates the government and the People of Saint Lucia on the occasion of the 42nd Anniversary of the Independence of this beautiful country.

In light of this celebration, the Embassy reiterates the willingness of the Government of Mexico to further strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation with Saint Lucia.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1979, the relationship between Mexico and Saint Lucia has recorded significant achievements which bear witness to the strengthening of our ties in a variety of areas.

In addition to the excellent level of our political relations, which is reflected in our joining together in international forums that address issues concerning both countries and the Eastern Caribbean region in general, the field of cooperation has been enhanced in recent years with important projects in areas such as: Greenhouses knowledge sharing; Coconut industry development, including the donation of high yellowing disease-resistant coconut plants and a course on “Disease Mitigation and In Vitro Propagation of Coconut Palm”; De-risking; Management of Disaster Risk for the Caribbean; Strengthening of Spatial Data Infrastructures; Foreign trade statistics, Development of small and medium-size enterprises; heritage preservation; as well as many courses offered by Mexico such as the Summer School on Non Proliferation and Nuclear Disarmament; the special edition of the course “Ceremonial and Protocol”; and the “Mexican foreign policy for diplomats from Latin America and the Caribbean” course.

The infrastructure projects deserve special mention: Mexico had the honour of funding the construction of the phase one of the water treatment system in Dennery North, the construction of two Greenhouses, as well as the morgue and the ambulance and security monitoring buildings of the St Jude’s hospital.

Moreover, as the world marks a year of intense disruption by the COVID pandemic, our countries have joined efforts through the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States to face this together, exchange experiences and fight against this calamity. In this field, the Government of Mexico had the honour to donate to Saint Lucia –  two Mexican-made medical ventilators, which were handed-over last December, and two more will be delivered in the upcoming days, aimed to support the treatment of patients in the respiratory hospitals.

Mexico supports St Lucia in the fight against COVID-19

Furthermore, the Mexican Government has offered to the Latin American and Caribbean countries including Saint Lucia, the donation of vaccines against poliomyelitis, manufactured in Mexico, in the required amount, with the purpose to eradicate this disease.

The Embassy of Mexico takes this opportunity to thank the friendly Government of Saint Lucia for the support to the Mexican candidacies for international forums, that has been granted during the last year, especially the ones provided for Mexico to hold the CELAC Pro-Tempore Presidency in 2020 and 2021, to occupy a seat as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council in 2021-2022, and to the Mexican candidates to the International Criminal Court and the CEDAW, among others.

Once again, the Embassy reiterates to the Government and the People of Saint Lucia, its friendship and solidarity, as well as its best wishes for a future of stability, peace and progress.


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