OAS – Universidad de los Andes to promote core themes of the Inter-American System

Photo: OAS

WASHINGTON, USA – The Organization of American States (OAS) and Universidad de los Andes, on Monday signed a cooperation agreement to promote the core values of the Inter-American System.

The secretary-general of the OAS, Luis Almagro, highlighted that the initiative will promote discussion of the central themes of the Organization in an environment of academic freedom. “It is an honor for the OAS to participate in this initiative that seeks to bring the activities of the academy closer to the OAS and implement courses and seminars on human rights, democracy, integral development, security and international law,” added secretary-general Almagro.

The Rector of Universidad de los Andes, Raquel Bernal, said that various joint academic activities will be carried out to promote knowledge of the Inter-American System among students at the university. “This agreement will allow us to work together over the next five years and work in different areas such as outreach activities, promotion and defense of human rights, gender violence, and for our students to participate in the OAS internship program,” added Rector Bernal.

One of the first activities will be a Lecture of the Americas focused on Alberto Lleras Camargo, first secretary-general of the OAS, Rector of the University of the Andes and two-time president of Colombia.


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