Proposition 21 Opposed by Nearly All State’s Newspapers in Editorials


Desert Sun, Chico Press-Enterprise, LA Sentinel Join Nearly Every California Newspaper Editorial Board in Opposition to “Housing Freeze” Measure

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Three more California newspapers, the Desert Sun, Chico Press-Enterprise and Los Angeles Sentinel, today editorialized against Proposition 21, the measure opponents say will worsen California’s housing crisis. The three publications join nearly every other newspaper in the state opposing the ballot measure.

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“It’s almost identical to Proposition 10 on the November 2018 ballot,” noted the Chico Press-Enterprise. “That lost 59 percent to 41 percent, and there really should be a law against running out the same idea over and over. Rent control doesn’t increase affordable housing. It may protect those who already have rental homes, but it’s a disincentive to builders to add housing.”

Read the entire Press-Enterprise editorial here.

The Desert Sun, which serves Palm Springs and the surrounding Coachella Valley, says Prop 21 “is like a bad remake of a bad movie that state voters have seen before, yet are forced to sit through anyway.”

“As was true in 2018, this measure would only make California’s real housing problem — the dearth of affordable housing development — more difficult. It will only add the uncertainty of local rent control boards to California’s already Byzantine and costly housing development process.”

Read the entire Desert Sun editorial here.

The Los Angeles Sentinel, a Black-owned weekly newspaper in Los Angeles, also editorialized against Proposition 21.

All but one major newspaper in the state have editorialized against Proposition 21. The list includes: San Francisco Chronicle; San Jose Mercury News; the San Diego-Union Tribune, Fresno Bee, Modesto Bee; La Opinion, Los Angeles Daily News, Orange County Register, and nearly one dozen others.

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