Punta Cana Hotel Consortium: Tourist safety, security in The Dominican Republic


PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic – We are pleased former president Bill Clinton enjoyed his recent trip to the Dominican Republic and acknowledged publicly his safety while on the island.  As he said, “This is a great place – and everybody should come here and see it.”

As a collection of hotel groups that have spent decades focused on giving the US and international travelers the vacations of their dreams, we agree. That is why in November, a consortium of hotel ownership and management groups representing more than 50 properties and resorts in Punta Cana, joined together to reassure travelers that our 50+ properties in Punta Cana (the eastern most destination on the island) are all laser-focused on guests’ safety and security throughout their stay. This joint commitment to a set of policies, safety guidelines, and security measures across all our properties is called the Punta Cana Promise.

The Punta Cana Promise is an eight-point pledge that assures the highest level of safety, security and service are met across all participating properties. Each hotel will display the Punta Cana Promise seal as a demonstration of its commitment to the eight points and a visual assurance to US and international travelers. Delivering on that level of service is our top priority.


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