Rise Up and Take Your Position: Don’t give up. Find your Gift and Cultivate it


By Drexwell Seymour

This book is to encourage individuals to find their talents and gifts. Once they find their gifts, they must cultivate them and then rise up and fulfil the purpose for which they were created for.

Too many people are staying in the same position for too long because they are suffering from inferiority complex, bitterness, and anger.

Caribbean News Global Rise-up-and-Take-your-position_-2021-7-14-2 Rise Up and Take Your Position: Don't give up. Find your Gift and Cultivate it

They have great ideas but lack the confidence in themselves so that they can get up and proceed to the next level. Some people have not gotten over their past and are waiting for the perfect time.

This book has 12 chapters and hopefully will be a motivational tool for you that will transform your life. ¬ Amazon

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