Russia to transfer unique construction technologies to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

City of Voronezh: residential area in Russia was built in eight months by Formator technologies with the help of Russian “Red Machines”.

MOSCOW, Russia – During Russian president Vladimir Putin State visit to Saudi Arabia and negotiations with the King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin AbdulAziz Al Saud; over 20 documents were signed, including a Russia-Saudi high-level strategic cooperation program.

Many experts have said that as a result of president Putin’s visit, Russian-Saudi relations undoubtedly reached a new degree in a strategic partnership. Russia expressed a desire to transfer technologies, initially in areas of construction, which will help not only solve the Kingdom’s housing problems, but also have a positive influence on the development of the country’s economy generally.

Part of the Kingdom’s “Vision 2030” initiative, put forward by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, has the ambition to develop mass housing construction to provide affordable and comfortable habitation for the citizens of the Kingdom, increasing housing stock 60 percent by 2020 and 70 percent by 2030, providing an affordable market of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly residences.

Russian builders have introduced and successfully implemented unique ultrafast construction technology for residential buildings within the Russian Federation. At the heart of this is the use of the unique machinery, which provides high-speed production of low cost block rooms – designed with geometric accuracy and most importantly, of high quality for later finishing.

“So far, just a few countries have achieved effective innovation in housing construction, which affects the quality of the construction process, the cost of housing and the speed of facilities being built.

Our technologies allow a 17-story, 3-4 access block to be built in one month. Villas of 250-300 square meters are being built in two days. Some compare our building technology with LEGO, where a child can complete a house from the finished cubes.

We are planning to deliver this technology to Saudi Arabia as early as 2020. We built and commissioned more than one million square meters of housing in Russia and stand ready to transfer these unique building technologies to our partners in various countries of the world,” noted the chairman of the Supreme Economic Council of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization, the Honored builder of Russia Alexander Tsyban.

On October 14, 2019, in the city of  Al-Khobar an agreement on the establishment of the “International Alliance” in the field of ultrafast housing construction and the implementation of the building technologies from building blocks was signed. Parties to the contracts are the Group of AlSuwaiket Companies (Saudi Arabia) under the direction of a Saudi billionaire and philanthropist Sheikh Mubarak A. AlSuwaiket  and the Construction company “Vibor OBD” (Russia) –  (

The created alliance has ambitious plans to take part in the construction of 850,000 residential buildings in the Kingdom and distribute this unique construction volume via block housing construction technologies not only in the Gulf countries but also to other nations.


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