ShootProof Announces Galleries for Good Program


Global leader in online gallery software launches corporate giving program to empower non-profit organizations with photo galleries

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ShootProof, a leading global provider of online gallery software and related services for professional and semi-professional photographers, today announced the launch of a new corporate giving program called Galleries for Good.

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“ShootProof’s Galleries for Good program empowers non-profit organizations with free online galleries and storage to enhance fundraising efforts and drive awareness about the important work they do,” said Director of Product Marketing Rachel LaCour Niesen. “Studies have shown that images combined with text generate 94% more views than text alone. We strongly believe non-profits should be equipped to use photos to engage donors.”

In addition to receiving free galleries to showcase photos, organizations will have access to archiving for their image assets, enabling them to maintain a streamlined collection of photos.

“The Galleries for Good program aligns our core values with our core competency–beautiful online galleries,” said Chief Executive Officer Steve Marshall. “We’re honored to partner with organizations that are making a positive impact in the world.”

“When we started The Gold Hope Project, photo delivery and storage was not something we thought about. But it quickly became apparent that our organization, families we help, and our network of photographers needed a place that would provide a simple process for photo delivery and had options to archive images so they would be easily accessible,” said President Cynthia Dawson. “We are so thankful to have ShootProof be that safe place to store all the precious moments we’re giving to families that have a child with a cancer diagnosis.”

To learn more about the Galleries for Good program and apply, visit ShootProof.

About ShootProof

ShootProof is a leading provider of online gallery software, sales, and business management tools for professional and semi-professional photographers around the world. The user-friendly platform enables photographers to share and sell their photos commission-free in customizable galleries and apps, and deliver a better client experience with digital downloads, proofing, printing, and more. ShootProof serves tens of thousands of photographers in 38 countries, offering 18 different languages for galleries. ShootProof powered photographers have earned over $335 million in commission-free sales through the platform.

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