So the father, so the son


Dear Sir

Saint Lucia is under the spell of the United Workers Party (UWP) – the party of Chastanet’s shopping mall mentality, as recently described, that implies trade and commodities for anyone who wishes to participate. There is no getting away from that, as grotesques as this is. Transactional change, wealth ambitions, building a new Saint Lucia on the backs of the less fortunate is unforgiving. If one has not noticed, then remove the wooden glasses. I have one to spear.

The UWP cherry-picking of facts/truth campaign is in full gear with the father, the wife (s), acolytes, servants and fanatics, all hard at work pushing the narratives of false hope. The sad reality is that their level of incompetence and negligence is a frightening exposure of colonial and plantocracy obsession.

The selective messaging is ever-present. Their appearances replicate carnival festivities, amidst COVID-19 restrictions. And their persona, a reproduction of Massa days. This is reflective in the lack of governance that surrounds deceit, secrecy and double-talk that has accompanied engagement with the public.

The contempt is real. In more ways that one, the Chastanet clan of slavish loyalty, favoured persons and personified crazies have made it known that they are hell-bent on doing what they must, to remain in power.

There are consequences to choices. History will not be kind to most, and will not be kind to the perpetrators of the last five years. History is a lesson to respect, and under the UWP government of deceit, that governs Saint Lucia, their mandate expires on July 11, 2021. [ And possibly earlier, if incline to prorogue parliament].

In essence, their cake is baked. No dick-jockey [ing] ( a profession listed on the electoral registration) – no reconfiguration of the Royal St Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) – no amount of mamaguying the youth – no amount of canvassing in the tri-state, Canada and the UK – no prayer warriors/pulpit evangelist and witchcraft; and no expectation of an influx of ex-pats/Saint Lucians in the diaspora will save this horrible administration.

I read earlier that their conscience is taking a toll on the need to win favour with the public, such that the government is said to have considered the dire socio-economic and other related circumstances and the forced repatriation of nationals.

“Please note that the government of Saint Lucia continues to cover the cost of locals and residents on island who are placed in state-quarantine and isolation. The daily fees cover the cost for a bed and bathroom, Air Conditioning, WiFi, 3 meals per day, toiletries, and bottled water.

“The revised fees apply to Single occupancy at which was USD $95.00 and is now reduced to USD $25.00, double occupancy was USD $160.00 and is now reduced to USD $45.00, and triple occupancy was USD $240.00 and is now reduced to at USD $65.00. Double and triple occupancy applies to families within the same unit.” [Note the imprinting to US currency vs EC, the official currency of St Lucia.]

Nice political manoeuvring using national policy. Nonetheless, in consideration of history, the recurring disturbances at Bordelais Correctional Facility, in addition to human rights issues is indicative of clumsy security management and a deeper reflection of the external under-belly of the larger society.

Again, if history is a guiding light, then certainly, the UWP symbol of a lighted touch represents the elimination of the dark side of the Saint Lucian colonial and Massa deprivation – we need to get rid of that – utilizing democratic balloting. Wait for it!


Arianna Phillips


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