St Lucia – Grenada Draughts tournament 2022

Saint Lucia and Grenada Draughts Tournament 2022

By Carol Butcher

CASTRIES, St Lucia – St Lucia Draughts Players Association held four-nights of the 2022 Draughts tournament and hosted the national draughts team of Grenada from September 8 to September 12, 2022. The tournament was held at Prio’s Place, Corinth, Gros-Islet.

Grenada was represented by the following players: Vincent Joseph; Kenrick Charles; Shawn Walcott; Dwight Clarke; Kennedy Williams; Andre Fletcher and Adam Andall.

Grenada took an early lead on the opening night gaining 81 points to Saint Lucia 52 points, represented by Tony Springer; Francis Edgar, Calixte Eudovique; Joseph Delany; Glen St Cyr; Bertie Joseph; Earl Casimir; Meguel Ephraim; Simeon Phillip; Daniel Saturnin and Carol Butcher.

On the second night of the tournament, Saint Lucia bounced back to gain 75 points to Grenada’s 57 points. Saint Lucia continued its dominance on the third night with a lead of 99 points to Grenada’s 51 points. The fourth night was no different with Saint Lucia recording 91 points, while Grenada scored 49 points.

The competition was brought to a close with a prize-giving ceremony on Tuesday 13, September. The Saint Lucian players walked away with individual winner’s medal, whilst each Grenadian team member went home with a runner’s-up medal.

The player of the tournament was Adam Andall of Grenada who won all but one of his games in four nights.

The Saint Lucian draughts Players Association would also like to extend thanks to the Trophy Centre in Castries for their support. Special thanks to Prio of Prio’s place in Corinth for use of his facilities.

The St Lucia Draughts Players Association has already announced plans for next year’s competition.

This report was filed by Carol Butcher a St Lucian UK-based player.


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