Taiwan funded CDP supports small infrastructure projects in St Lucia

Ambassador, H.E. Peter Chen, Republic of China (Taiwan)

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES, St Lucia – Monday 16, May, ambassador, H.E. Peter Chen, Republic of China (Taiwan) presented the government of Saint Lucia with a cheque of $18.5M – part of the – Constituency Development Programme (CDP), allotted funding of $28.5M budgeted for 2022/23.

  • Constituency Development Programme (CDP), funded by Taiwan – $28.5 million
  • Taiwan Budget Financing – $191.82 million to be financed from the Republic of China on Taiwan (EXIM Bank)
  • Grant Funding – Republic of China on Taiwan (ROCT) – $52.623 million

Caribbean News Global taiwan_slu_cdp Taiwan funded CDP supports small infrastructure projects in St Lucia

Prime minister and minister for finance Philip J. Pierre received the cheque, which was handed over to the accountant general to be deposited in the Consolidated Fund for the implementation of small infrastructure projects in 17 constituencies.

Last October, H.E. Chen pledged Taiwan’s support in helping Saint Lucia build a sustainable future. He said: “CDP projects are not only important for reinvigorating economic growth, especially when facing this COVID pandemic but also one of the key measures to accelerate actions toward adaptation to climate change impacts and an important strategy to meet people’s needs. To incorporate local communities, businesses, and civil society in a joint effort. Taiwan is proud to be part of that.”

On Monday, H.E. Chen recommitted his government’s pledge to continue its assistance in supporting projects which not only directly impact the quality of life of people but at the same time address infrastructural issues which support climate change resilience and adaptation projects.

Prime minister Pierre reaffirmed his pledge from the 2022/23 budget address to allocate resources to all 17 elected parliamentarians to perform small projects of their choice, saying:

“The revamped Constituency Development Project will be accessible to opposition parliamentarians, unlike what was practiced in the previous five years where the then six opposition parliamentarians were disenfranchised and denied opportunities to undertake important projects within their constituencies.”

The prime minister further reiterated on his social media page that: “No longer will opposition-held constituencies and their constituents be disenfranchised as was done in the previous five years,” reiterated, “All 17 elected parliamentarians will receive an opportunity to implement projects of their choice.” We are all Saint Lucians. #PhilipCares

Prime minister Pierre registered the importance of the programme to be transparent, accountable, and agile as it is rolled out island-wide to meet the socio-economic needs of the people.

“The government of Saint Lucia thanked the ROCT for its commitment to ensuring that communities are able to address their infrastructural needs especially as it relates to climate resilience and adaptation projects,” according to the PM’s social media post.

St Lucia reaffirms diplomatic support for Taiwan



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