Tasktop Announces Series of Webinars, Podcasts, Video to Help Enterprises Focus Digital Strategy, Survive Turbulent Times


Offer Actionable Insights, Illuminating Interviews, T-Mobile and Cubic Corporation Case Studies

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#devopsTasktop, the leader in value stream management, today announced that the company has and will continue to air a series of information-rich webinars and podcasts over the coming weeks to help business thrive through the most turbulent economic event of our lifetime.

Caribbean News Global Tasktop Tasktop Announces Series of Webinars, Podcasts, Video to Help Enterprises Focus Digital Strategy, Survive Turbulent Times

As laid out in a recent blog post here and detailed in Tasktop CEO Dr. Mik Kersten’s book Project to Product, the problem is that a vast majority of what enterprise organizations and governments spend on IT and software creates little to no value. An even bigger problem is that only costs are measured, because there is no consensus on how to measure the flow of value in software delivery. As a result, firms invest blindly in how they allocate and cut software and IT spend.

According to Kersten, “The previous technological revolutions have proven this time and time again. I see no evidence suggesting it will be any different this time around.”

Tasktop has created a series of podcasts and informative webinars, including one today, to help large organizations move in the right direction. The series includes the following.

Cubic Corporation is a technology-driven, market-leading solutions provider that has been innovating in the public transportation and defense industry for nearly seven decades. With a strong foundation of software delivery through solutions such as the “Top Gun” air combat training system, as well as fare payment systems for public transportation platforms in many U.S. and European cities, Cubic set out on a journey to double down on software innovation. A key to that transformation was shifting to a product mindset to accelerate delivery through its highly complex value streams.

During this webinar Kersten will interview Jim Colson, CTO of Cubic Corporation on:

  • How that transformation is unfolding and share lessons learned with others looking to achieve similar results.
  • Cubic’s use of the Flow Framework along with SAFe® and other industry standards, and view some of the flow diagnostics identified by Tasktop Viz, where Cubic was able to accelerate the pace and velocity of delivery.
  • Jim’s advice to other industry leaders wanting to optimize, balance and streamline their software portfolios.
  • May 21 Fireside Chat With Brian Solis and Dr. Mik Kersten: Transitioning from Project to Product to Thrive in the New Normal. 11 a.m. PDT, 2 p.m. EDT. In the wake of global disruption, we’ve entered an era of a new and unusual Novel Economy, without fully identified or understood market conditions. A new economy is taking shape–and there is no playbook. This is a time for innovation. Success will be determined by how effectively organizations can adopt digital-first mindsets supported by Agile and DevOps, and value stream management to execute at internet speed and scale. During this fireside chat-style webinar, Brian Solis, global innovation evangelist, Salesforce, and digital analyst, anthropologist and best-selling author, and Kersten will talk about the way forward, how you can avoid the paths to failure and finally succeed at mastering software at scale.

The discussion will cover:

  • How to measure business value to drive end-to-end visibility and communicate effectively between IT and the business.
  • How to overlay Flow Metrics on top of Agile and DevOps initiatives to identify bottlenecks.
  • How to conquer the cost of delay now.
  • Podcast Series: Mik+ One: The task of transforming is not easy, especially when working with managerial and cultural models that have evolved from industrial and mass production mindsets. Dr. Mik Kersten noticed that successful people are on a continual journey of seeking learning and inspiration. To write Project to Product, he drew on the great work of people who have inspired him most, particularly those who fundamentally changed the way he thinks about software delivery, organizational structures and technology. This podcast was launched to share those same inspirations with others on the journey. This season, guests include the inspirational people whose work Project to Product builds on directly, including Gene Kim, Carlota Perez, Shelley Perry, Dave West and Dominica DeGrandis. [Listen here.]

About Tasktop®

Tasktop is the leader in value stream integration and visualization. It catalyzes the shift from Project to Product for global enterprises and governments, enabling them to innovate and thrive in the Age of Software. Its software development offerings leverage the Flow Framework® to create customer-centric value streams and measure end-to-end business outcomes. Unlike data lakes and custom reporting solutions, Tasktop’s Flow Modeling ensures correct, scalable and turnkey Flow Metrics. And unlike Agile or IT tool vendors, Tasktop’s Flow Fabric enables end-to-end visibility across all leading vendor tools, maximizing investments in tool platforms, enabling the best-of-breed and future proofing tool chains.

Twitter: @tasktop

Blog: http://blog.tasktop.com/

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